Sponsor a Teaching Position

Sponsor a teaching chair

We have a number of excellent international teachers who are committed to Bolivia Clásica. They provide vision and maintain the high standards we require to achieve our goals, so it is essential to secure their visits on a regular basis.


Winds & Brass Chair

In Bolivia you will find brass bands at rural fiestas, at solemn commemorations, in most schools and of course at every carnaval. We want to take this raw talent to the next level under the guidance of a top professional. When we unleash our trained young players on it, the world may not know what hit it.

Quartet-in-Residence Chair

Securing a professional string quartet to make regular visits over the longer term has always been our dream. It would involve one-on-one work with our string students, teacher training, as well as comprehensive chamber music coaching and performances.

Music Initiation Chair

Working successfully with very young children demands patience and understanding, just as instilling an appreciation of music requires passion and discipline. Bringing in a seasoned professional is essential, as we will not just be harvesting talents from this pool, but nurturing young minds…as well as our future audiences!

For more information, please contact Ana-Maria Vera via email or by phone.


+44 7813 021950