The Bolivia Clásica Foundation is in its early stages, and the economic demands are considerable. To achieve our objectives in this next year of activities we need to secure two types of projects:

  • Rental of a suitable space to receive 80 pupils a week, including practice and rehearsal rooms and small auditorium
  • Purchase of chairs, music stands, desks, microphones, computers, photocopier
  • Salaries for 5 local full-time teachers
  • Purchase of additional instruments, instrument maintenance, and study materials
  • High speed internet for administration, Skype lessons & other educational purposes
  • 40 scholarships for children from impoverished backgrounds. $US 1000/year each = $40,000/year.
  • Sponsor a child whose family cannot cover basic needs such as transport costs, parents or siblings accompanying them from a distance at the expense of work: $35/month
  • Sponsor an outstanding talent who has been accepted at a prestigious institution abroad
For more information, please contact Ana-Maria Vera:, or Gonzalo Montenegro: