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We are delighted to announce that a top specialist in the field of arts education, the actress and theatre director Verónica Armaza, has joined the Bolivia Clásica team. Verónica will take charge of our music school as Head, working hand in hand with orchestra director Armando Vera Woudstra and our administrator Jimena Huayllucu.

We anticipate that under Verónica Armaza’s leadership, Bolivia Clásica will reconnect with its roots, recreating its quartet programme, facilitating cultural exchange and consolidating its outreach programme, while extending its reach and innovating the way music is taught, integrating different genres, such as Jazz and Folk, and new elements, such as Theatre.

The severity of the Covid-19 pandemic in Bolivia has been crippling. It has been a challenge, especially for our teachers and students, to adapt to the new virtual reality, with all its limitations. But there has been a silver lining in that we can take advantage of the emerging communication technologies. We are developing a bespoke virtual platform for the school which will empower our global education efforts and contribute to better organisation and quality control. In parallel, we are looking for a new venue for our on-site activities, which will introduce Music Initiation, Guitar, and more.

There is much to do, and we are getting down to business. Soon we’ll be launching callouts for new students, and we look forward very much to welcoming you.

Greetings to all,

Ana María Vera

President of Fundación Bolivia Clásica

Previously, Verónica Armaza was responsible for implementing the Bachelors Degree in Arts for the first time in the Bolivian Educational System; during eight years, she managed to create the Music, Dance, Theatre, Plastic Arts and Cinematography degree programs, besides directing the “Pequeño Teatro”  Theatre Company of Bolivia, the programme “Somos Una” (We Are One), a women’s art movement denouncing violence against women, and the Executive Secretariat of the “Organización Artistas de Vanguardia” – Art, Culture and Education.

“I feel inspired to be part of this excellent project which is Bolivia Clásica, to encourage creativity, to forge new artistic pathways, and above all to support the future of the arts in Bolivia. I am certain that this project will transform the Artistic Education and Training of the Plurinational State of Bolivia”.

Verónica Armaza Nuñez (actress, theatre director, playwright, specialist in arts education).

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