Verónica Armaza

Executive Director of the School of the Arts

Actress, Playwright, Stage Director, Producer and Arts Education specialist Verónica Armaza trained at the “Pequeño Teatro” School, under the direction of Guido Arze. She specialised in Spain, winning two scholarships awarded by the Carolina Foundation. In the first, she completed a course for professionals in “Dramaturgy and Theatre Direction” at Casa de América, Teatro Lliure and Teatro de Catalunya. In the second, she completed another specialisation in “Film Acting” at the Fundación de Formación Cinematográfica First Team in Madrid.

In Bolivia, Ms. Armaza has written and staged more than twenty plays, among them: No Mas Etiquetas, Un Tango Pa’ Nolvidar, Hoja Sagrada Vs. Hoja Sangrada, Juana La Loca, Sabes Cuál es tu Problema, Hasta que la muerte nos separe, Gira Carrousel, Estado de Coma, Bartolina – Sisa, Coraje, Somos Una, etc. She also acted in several plays which received awards in national and international festivals, produced cultural and literary programmes, and managed of a number of educational projects for development.

Between 2011-2020 Verónica Armaza was in charge of the Arts Education team at the Bolivian Ministry of Education, in which she implemented the Bachelors Degree in Arts for the first time in the Bolivian Educational System; she succeeded in creating the Music, Dance, Theatre, Plastic Arts and Cinematography degree programs. During those eight years she also directed the “Pequeño Teatro”  Theatre Company of Bolivia, founded and ran “Somos Una” (We Are One), a women’s art movement denouncing violence against women, and has been the Executive Secretary of the “Organización Artistas de Vanguardia” – Art, Culture and Education.