Sponsors and Supporters

Every step we take is made possible by the generosity of individuals as well as official sponsors. We are deeply grateful to these friends and supporters for their belief in us.
Pramod Agarwal, Zamin Resources
Patrick and Caroline Gowers
Marianna and Tony Cash
John Dunton-Downer
Elizabeth and Dan Simpson
Brett and Pip Hansen
Enny and Lon Monasch
Jason Price, Tarisio
Simon Morris, J & A Beare Violins
Aaron Robertson, Robertson & Sons Violin Shop Inc.
David Rattray, Rattray Violins
Bob and Elizabeth Boas
Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa Soc. Civ. Abogados
Mela Marquez, Cinemateca Boliviana
Lic. Cesar Lora, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Graciela Rodo-Boulanger
Connie Echazu
Dr. Carlos Duchen
Alexander Brennan, De La Rue
Claire Marsden
Richard Tager
Ron & Terry Dunton
Jose and Cecilia Linares